Saturday, January 01, 2011

Simply New Year Celebration

Story by. Ahmad Yani Hasti

So much activity. So many cars crowded the highway. So I decided to celebrate the new year with some close friends only, Friday-Saturday (December 31, 2010 - January 1, 2011). I don’t have to walk hundreds of meters because of traffic jams that hit in Makassar, South Sulawesi. We bought a lot of corns. My friends had planed to make Buginese-Macassar special food, it called Barobbo (it’s kind of corn soup). I remember this recipe often practiced by my grandmother when I’m still kid. This food is very simple with a unique taste but fit in our tongue.

First of all, corn must be cleaned and be shredded. Once shredded, the corn put into the pot and cooked. Because my grandmother liked to make Barobbo with a mixture of rice, we would cook corn along with rice. The result was corn soup of Buginese-Macassar also looks like porridge. While waiting for the ripe corn and rice become mush, then the garlic, onion, pepper, and salt pulverized until finely. After boiling water and the corn began to mature, enter the already pulverized spices along with vegetables such spinach. Maturity of corn depends on taste but I’ll suggest that corn should be completely cooked. If not, I'm afraid you are suffering from diarrhea. You also might cook Barobbo mixed with shrimp. Or put chopped fried chicken or fried fish on the top of Barobbo.

While waiting the time switch to a new year, Barobbo left in the pan and keep it warm. Barobbo would be delicious when served warm. For the new year impression, we bough some trumpets. And the hats, we created them by ourself from the existing paper stack. That's because we're stay for environmental campaign "Save the World, Make it Green". If we still could take the advantage for using the existing scraps, Why not? I say use it!

The time has been shown at 12 midnight through, new year begins. The hats already on our head. Barobbo ready filled the stomach. We immediately blew trumpets to enliven the New Year 2011. That's how I celebrate new year this time, with friends and Buginese-Macassar homely cuisine. "Happy New Year!"

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