Friday, November 19, 2010

Pisang Epe': Bananas Get Burned

Story by. Ahmad Yani Hasti
Hmmm ... What a smell along this Losari Beach? What they baked? It seems delicious.

On the day of Eid Mubarak, Wednesday (17/11/2010), I visited my acquaintances house in all around Makassar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Then we took off the night at the corner of the city, Losari Beach. It doesn't seems fit if I didn't enjoy snacks around the beach. There is typical food around there lined near the streets along the beach called Pisang Epe'. Pisang Epe' sellers capitalize only with a cart and a few plastic chairs and wooden tables. I call it a traditional restaurant, huh. The way that you can enjoy the evening breeze of Losari Beach.

Pisang Epe' is baked bananas. As it burned, the banana must be inverted for mature evenly. Once burned, then flattened the bananas (that's the reason why is called Pisang Epe'). Epe in the local language of Makassar, it means flaked. Not only that, the banana get additional flavorings. Just choose, the original is a banana smeared by palm sugar water with durian flavor. But it can spread by milk chocolate and sprinkled with cheese. It taste yummy. For many sellers of Pisang Epe' here, then the seller should be able to choose the quality of banana.

The Most of choice is the banana which not too old and not too young. It's like we're talking about ideals. The price also cheap. We didn't currently enjoy Pisang Epe' in the five star restaurant. So you will only pay for three bananas each bowl about 6-7 thousand rupiah (less than one dollar).

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