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Bali: World of Wonders Holiday

Story by. Ahmad Yani Hasti

Some friends told that they were get bored to visit Bali. But for most people, Bali is a place that someone never get bored to visit. Just like me, there are many lovely things that can be done here. And there are many things that every tourists love being here.

I had visited Bali for many times and this is being my fourth times at here. I also never succes to make same story about Bali.

Photo by. Ahmad Yani Hasti --- Tuesday (October 13th, 2015) at Seminyak Beach, Bali, Indonesia.
Leaving the office during a week (October 12th-19th, 2015), I was spend it around the beach and the area of Seminyak, Bali. And just like before, I was immediately felt different atmosphere each time I was landed in Bali. Nuances of Holiday really felt inside me and I left all the solid work activities behind me.

There was an interesting quote that caught my eye when the first visit in Bali. It goes like this, "Everyday is Holiday in Bali." That is always tickling me but also true. In fact, until now at my last visit, leisure activities are always crowded encountered while in Bali.

Photo by. Ahmad Yani Hasti --- Tuesday (October 13th, 2015) at Seminyak Beach, Bali, Indonesia.
For many decades, Bali still become the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Bali has a magnet for tourists who come. Because there are so many wonders offer by this island which is also known as the island of Gods. So, what tourists love in Bali is make them feels like home. That's why many tourist can stay for several days or more longer than a month at here. Lovely things and their expectations in Bali is diverse.

Most tourists love the air and tropical fruits. They also love the food with different flavors, both sweet and spicy. Just like the foreign tourists who sits beside me when I was enjoyed my breakfast at the hotel on Wednesday Morning (October 14th, 2015). The blonde woman was talking. She stared at her male partner and told him, "We are so lucky. We were meet the most fancy food on the Earth (Bali)."
Photo by. Ahmad Yani Hasti --- Tuesday (October 13th, 2015) at Seminyak Beach, Bali, Indonesia.
In addition to food, they are also pleased with the beach, sun, surf, green scenery and the unique culture in Bali. Not to forget, some tourists are going for shopping of any clothes, accessories, and furniture with unique and diverse motifs were also wonderful.

Moreover, for foreign tourists, all items are available at low prices. In fact, for tourists who familiar with Indonesian culture. They will negotiate with the shop attendat to get more cheaper price at the shops were doesn’t have a price tag.

Photo by. Ahmad Yani Hasti --- Saturday (October 17th, 2015) at Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.
There are many things why tourists love Bali. Even to the things that might be unexpected for foreign tourists, you are at the place that seems have no rules. Although I didn't like, but in fact there are also foreign tourists who did this. You do some things in Bali where your own country of origin may not allow you to do it. And many of the local tourist itself contributing this bad example. For example, throw garbage in any place, breaking through the pavement when hit by congestion, driving a motorcycle without a helmet or any driving license. Even so, you still have to be careful on your offense. For any traffic violations, the police may comes to you and then you will get little trouble, or you need to pay the fine only. But the police trouble and get a fine are actually rare event.

Photo by. Ahmad Yani Hasti --- Thursday (October 15th, 2015) at Seminyak Beach, Bali, Indonesia.
From morning till sunset, beach was visited deserted by tourists. They basked for hours. And some tourists enjoyed the beach with much more other activities such as surfing, jogging, swimming, and also horseback riding.

Photo by. Ahmad Yani Hasti --- Thursday (October 15th, 2015) at Seminyak Beach, Bali, Indonesia.
Pleasure continues at night. Bars and night clubs are line up along the streets. Different types of drinks are served, a variety of soft drinks from cheap beer to classy drinks like vodka or wine. Good music will make you humming or sway. The bars and also night clubs like that are found in the area of Legian, Kuta and Seminyak. In Indonesia the things that called Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) is something illegal under the law, but you can still find it, and they had a gathering place, not least in Bali, exactly in the Seminyak area. There are a few bars or night clubs for LGBT in rows adjacent to each other. Mixwell and Balijoe among the most popular for LGBT.

Which is interesting because you do not have to pay an entrance fee. You only need to buy one or several bottles of liquor. And exactly eleven o'clock at night, the attractions will begin. Female dancers or male dancers were used woman dress with a minimalist tend sexy clothes, they will lipsync like a superstar while doing dance which is dynamic, agile and sometimes adorable. They alternately appear with the male gogo dancers. This male gogo dancers are different. They are not wearing women dress, but, ups, they are wearing underwear only. Sometimes they disarm their pants partially by themselves. With an athletic body, they are trying to entertain the audience with striptease.

Photo by. Ahmad Yani Hasti --- Wednesday (October 14th, 2015), some male gogo dancers were performed on stage at Bali Joe, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia.
Do not advanced too close to the stage if you do not want to be invited up to dance. Conversely, if you want it, go ahead and move forward. Randomly, the audience will be invited to join the stage and you may be allowed and let by them to hug or touch their bodies. Nightlife in bars or nightclubs generally it has been like that. Almost all visitors really feel entertained, they danced, accompanied by a bottle or a glass of drink in hand, and with the attraction stage spoil their eyes. If this is not your taste, there are still many options of night activities that can be done in Bali. I promise it!

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